Are you a Virgin-Build Confidence & Destroy Fear with One Dirty Word

What’s the dirtiest word or phrase you know? Ok-no not that word- but maybe that one that you see all over the news lately?

If you guessed correctly; “Outsourcing”

Already offend? Don’t delete this email just yet, please read on.

If your like me- most business over the past 3+ years have been needing to reinevent themselves, and do more with less just to even exist these days. Full- Blown-Survival-mode.

It was about a year ago when I was a virgin (no not that type of virgin) – an ‘OutSourcing Virgin’. Like most of you- I thought the concept didnt really apply to me- and it was reserved for the Dells and Microsofts of the world. Thats about when  I started experimenting with outsourcing (or delegating) some of the day to day tasks that I didnt have the time or really wanted to do each day (research, cold calling, presentation creation and so on). My journey brought me from India to Pakistan- to the Philippines and all back again.

Many of you will think of ‘OutSourcing’ as taboo- or even un-American. Think not. Communication is changing, the word is changing- the way we do business is changing. What if I were to tell you that  just simply oursourcing some of your most fundamental marketing and sales tasks overseas- at  just a fraction of the cost of hiring someone in the U.S.- already puts you ahead of the curve? You can be a lawyer, a small business, a stay at home mom- it dosent really matter.

I want to now share with each of you my success and the power of how outsourcing your most vital part of your business – your sales and marketing tasks- can translate to increased market share, $$$, and relevance for your business in 2011 and beyond.

I have created as that guide and playbook for remaining competitive by outsourcing aspects of your sales and marketing overseas with the help of U.S. coaches. You are some of the first to know about it.

Business in 2011 is about reinvesting in yourself, playing differently, and taking  action. If I can be a resource for you in any way- it be only a pleasure. My goal is to help your grow your business and exceed your most wildest expectations-

Our mind and how we think is the only thing that is stopping us-




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