4. Reasons Why your Marketing and Brand Arent Working Anymore

1.) Trust in traditional media = plummeting

2.) Increasing DVR Penetration & Media Fragmentation

3.) Consumers are Driving Change

4.) Buzz Content is King

1.) Trust in traditional media = plummeting. When we see traditional advertising, in the back of our minds we ask ourselves- “whats the catch? Are they lying to me? Where’s the fine print?” Often businesses look too slick, or act as if something is being hidden amid their perfected image, and supposed ‘value’  proposition. The most personal form of marketing is conversational (word of mouth) – when we engage & create things that prompt conversations about your brand.

Tip: Don’t look overly ‘corporate’, but do look personal. Interact one on one as often as possible with customers. People buy from people- that’s the bottom line. A personal touch is always good because we trust people more than we do businesses and corporations.

2.) Increasing DVR Penetration & Media Fragmentation. Ninety-two percent of people who own and use DVRs fast forward through commercials (and this number is growing). That means all that money spent by advertisers who want you to watch their commercials is going to waste. Time usage spent with traditional media- is now shifting to more niche and consumer centric channels.

Tip: Television won’t disappear by any means- however if your still considering traditional media -in order for your messaging to actually penetrate and reach viewers -consider looking for unconventional media placements outside of normal spot inventory. For example -look at even longer length segments, and come across as real. No fake actors, and fake news segments. Be you, and be honest. Just think and do opposite of what most advertisers do and you’ll garner exponential attention for your brand.

3.) Consumers are Driving Change. News papers are becoming irrelevant, tv has become increasingly fragmented, and radio will see new digital players emerge. The Traditional media model is upside down. Consumers drive content, talk about content, and the power is in consumer created content. 95% of all content is not created by the likes of New York Times- but from people like you and me. 25 million bloggers generate 1.7 million individual posts every day. Websites such as Facebook, You Tube, and Yelp- now play a part in consumer behavior.

Tip: How and where do your customers shop? If your a restaurant- do you have more positive reviews than negative on Yelp? Do you offer services like Open Table or Groupon to provide value to your customers? Try giving customers who use the Facebook Check-in feature a discount for promoting your location. Encourage and make participation by people as often as you can.

4.) Buzz Content is King. Traditional media engagement is no longer exciting-  (did I mention no longer effective?). When it comes right down to it- buzz is content. You and your brand need to create and proliferate something that people will talk about- in an effort to hopefully become viral. Recent research has found word of mouth marketing on average to be ten times more effective (and cheaper) than tv, radio, and print advertising.

Tip: Create good and meaningful content offline and on. Reward customers with unexpected upgrades, follow up service calls, and offer other incentives. Differentiate all your touch points- website, #800 number, office decor, and signage. Creative your own video (You Tube) testimonials, and work with outside vendors for added value for your base.


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