the next multi-million dollar bathroom advertising idea? [GumSheets Revisited]

Enter GumSheetsOutrageous viral bathroom marketing on toliet seats covers. Ads that literally stick– (disgusting I know)

Why you ask? Well let us consider the following;

  • In the UK, the average person will visit the bathroom 2,500 times per year
  • 42% of Americans have sent a text message from the bathroom.
  • Over 800,000 mobile phones are dropped in the toilet per year in the UK (that much really?)

If  billions of advertising dollars are spent on radio, tv, print, online campaigns – all begging for our attention…why not capture people at their.. well most ‘relieved’ state of the day?

So can ads be created on paper toliet seat covers you ask? Yes, accordingly to people in China they can.

Can it be measurable you ask? When was the last time you DIDN’T text someone or use your phone when you were powdering your nose?

Can it become viral? Hell yes..

Think we might be on to something? Follow here and who knows- maybe someday you’ll be sitting in ‘Gum’


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