Because Sometimes You Just Need to Leave the Farm..


Greetings Friends-

Finally returned from a fantastic trip to Belize – and highly recommend it to each of you.

As some of you may or may not know by now- Wednesday was my last day at Clear Channel Radio- LA.

After giving it much thought (on a tropical beach of course)  the past 3+ years have been fantastic -but the time has come now to strap on the saddle bags and ride into new pastures. It has always been my belief that in order to become a true ‘Super- Marketer‘ you need to be open to new ideas, bold in your approach, persistent in your attitude, willing to do things differently, and able to add a little humor along the way.

Now that I have left the farm (in a flatbed truck as the picture above indicates), I am very excited to share with you an uncommon guide with provocative ideas that will help lead you and your business to; Rapid Business Growth, Incredible response, and you ultimately becoming your very own Super-Marketer.

How will I do this you ask? Here are just a few concepts we will begin to play with;

Lead Generation and Sales Automation

Unorthodox Media Buying (Radio, TV, Print, Streaming Radio- Pandora?)

Mirco Branding

The New Ways to Cold Call

Cheap Direct Response Advertising

Muse/ Website Design Enhancements

Social Media Engagement – (Building Your own Army of Followers)

Persuasive Sales Architecture

Developing Real Corporate Culture

& Outsourcing aspects of your business overseas for pennies on the dollar-

Sound exciting? I hope you’ll continue to join with me together for this exciting ride-

Till then- Cheers



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