Social Media & Radio? Chances are Your not doing it right my friend

The Social Media Game. Chances are You’re Not Doing it Right my Friend.

Funny it seems-everyday more businesses and individuals jump into the deep end of the social media pool. Everyone thinks you simply MUST have a Twitter account or a Facebook page or a LinkedIn profile or a Foursquare offer -or even a Groupon discount. Thats crazy talk. The reality is this, you are correct about the need for a presence (aka VALUE distributed to your customers), but most of you are oh so wrong in the way you execute and engage.

Social Media. The things You’re Not Doing It Right…

  1. If you’re talking more than you’re listening
  2. If you’re using social media to just broadcast more of your company announcements, discounts, specials, and press releases (think updates)
  3. If you’re ranting more than you’re raving
  4. If you don’t have a Facebook business page
  5. If you’re not participating in LinkedIn discussion groups
  6. If you’re trying to sell your stuff instead of share your knowledge
  7. If you’re a salesperson first and foremost 
  8. If you’re treating social media like a board meeting instead of a happy hour
  9. If you’re just handing out your business cards instead of making introductions and value propositions
  10. If you’re not following and liking your own clients
  11. If you’re not using Google Alerts or Twilerts to subscribe to search results about your clients, competitors (and yourself)
  12. If you don’t use to find people in your region who have expressed specific interest in your specific area of expertise (this has soo much direct response potential)
  13. If you’re not asking followers and fans their opinions on your products and services, and then using those answers to innovate and constantly improve
  14. If you’re not using sites like and to answer questions and demonstrate your knowledge
  15. If you’re not using social media to drop breadcrumbs that lead back to your regular site/blog
  16. If you’re not the Mayor of someplace in your area
  17. If you don’t invite and incentivize people to check-in to your location (social currency)
  18. If your posts are automated or programmed instead of personalized
  19. If your profile picture is a logo instead of photo of a human being (maybe even add a puppy or two?) 
  20. If your social media links aren’t featured on your business cards
  21. If you say “Find us on Facebook” and expect people to search for you instead of simply providing the “/page-name”
  22. If you delete negative comments instead of replying to them both personally and publicly
  23. If you try to control the conversation instead of just participating in it
  24. If you’re advertising instead of socializing
  25. If you’re not retweeting and sharing great posts of others
  26. If you’re not caring and sharing
  27. If you’re judging your success based upon ROI (Return on Investment) instead of ROE (Return on Engagement)
  28. If don’t think Social Media is important to the viability the virtual community that surrounds your business and brand-

– Did you know?

73% of internet radio listening in the past week is to online streams on AM/FM stations

87% of Americans have heard of Twitter, but only 7% actually use it, and only 8% of internet users 12-17 use Twitter

Overall only the use of Radio and the internet by Adults 18-34 have increased since 2008. All other media are down in usage


2 thoughts on “Social Media & Radio? Chances are Your not doing it right my friend

  1. Love your site.. you’re a statesman and a scholar.. Your ideas as a relationship coach has helped my business 10 fold..



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