How My dads Irish Band (Innisfree) made it on to Guitar Hero [Random]

Ever wonder what the text is in the body of the newspaper behind all of your Guitar Hero 2 scores? We’ll I havent but I am going to tell you anyways.

A bunch of Guitar Hero fans with way too much time on their hands got together on this thread and made out a best guess based on magnified versions of screen captures such as the one above.

Then three years later some random guy found the thread while googling for part of a real newspaper article found the March 13th, 2004 edition of the Palos Verdes Penninsula News found here.

Read the second paragraph in the second column starting with “Fleming says it was by coincidence…” Epic win.


While the connection is quite obscure I thought the ties are interesting considering the video game franchise  has sold over 25 million units worldwide since 2005 (including 1.3 million copies of Guitar Hero 2). No wonder I’m so damn good at this game!


Oh- and if you wanna bring it back- check this out;





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