Core Values, black coffee, and the 710 North

As many of you know- I love audio books (like love them). I’ve discovered my weakness (call it obession) at the Borders business/ self- help section a few years ago and between you and I- things have only gotten worse. This week I have been completely stoked on listening to the story of and its maverick CEO Tony Hsieh [pronounced Shay] thanks to the suggestion of my boy Mendrick (check out his restaurant next time your in LA .

“Delivering Happiness” has simply been doing that each day, delivering while its needed most- in the beloved hour long commute to the Burbank office. Each morning as I park my car on the 710 North, usual large black coffee (see local Cambodian donut shop) in hand, I am captivated by the values, humor,  and ideas shared by Tony. Although I am already on CD 5 of 10, I am certain the book will continue to ‘deliver happiness’ for many parking lots and styrofoam cups to go- in the days to follow.

Here’s Zappo’s core values and belief system that represents their culture and their universe. Couldn’t have better said it myself. Just perfect-

So here’s the obvious next question -whats your core values? How do you delivery happiness? Do you have a set of written values that you share with others? My hope is…you don’t deliver by UPS Ground or DHL (bad joke here).


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