Personal Mission Statement

While reviewing the tasks/ goals I have set aside for myself this evening, I rediscovered an old book on the shelf that I absolutely love- “Soar With Your Strengths”.

Rather than completing the mundane in sequential order as usual,  I decided to take the time and write out my revised personal mission statement. I believe we often forget that it is our mission, our personal philosophies, and thoughts that make up who we are and where ultimately it is that we are going. After 2 cups of coffee, here is what I came up with;

Ryan’s Personal Mission Statement:

“Always improving the quality of my life and the lives around. The foundation of my happiness will be knowing that I am working towards the clarity of my thoughts, realizing my visions, and always creating value where it does not exist. Happiness will come as I continue to grow stronger in my relationships, achieve greater balance with my physical well being, and obtaining sound financial independence for me and my family. Happiness is knowing despite all the hardships and challenges, it is my positive attitude, perseverance, and faith that will guide me (and those around me) to greater wisdom and quality of life.”

Whats your personal mission statement? I plan on making a better effort to revise and enhance this as best as I can -and especially after a few more cups of coffee.


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