Call me crazy, but I’ve had this idea for awhile now and well…its got me excited.

I had this epiphany one day while in the ‘little girls room’ and thought.. ‘hmm Ryan, you just might be on to something here’.

What if (and here me out), we were to begin offering ad space in every public restroom across the nation on paper toilet seat covers? If almost billions of advertising dollars are wasted on poor radio, tv, print, online campaigns just begging for our attention…why not engage people at their.. well most relaxed state of the day? Just imagine the type of BUZZ that type of marketing could create? Could playtex or a hygenic company benefit from this type of experience or call it ‘impression’? I think it plausible.

Lets be honest here, when was the last time you even thought of using a public restroom with out using one of these? And have you ever even once seen an ad on their? My guess is you probably haven’t, and thus more reason to do it.

In the world of ever increasing clutter, the point is we need to be bold (and perhaps a bit crazy) to get people talking about our brands and business. Watch out bathroom goers- this is coming to a casinos & airplane restrooms near you!

Follow the progress here-


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